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LED Desk Lamp With Clamp And Round Base

Original price $49.98
Original price $49.98 - Original price $99.98
Original price $49.98
Current price $24.99
$24.99 - $49.99
Current price $24.99

Discover the perfect lighting solution with the LED Desk Lamp With Clamp And Round Base.

This well-designed desk lamp belongs to the top-tier lamp category, offering exceptional quality and functionality.

The adjustable neck provides added comfort, allowing you to customize the lighting angle to suit your needs.

With remote control capabilities, it offers convenient operation.

This desk lamp is not only lightweight but also highly energy-efficient, ensuring optimal performance while saving energy.


  • Desk Lamp Type: Designed as a versatile desk lamp, ideal for various lighting needs.

  • Wattage: With a wattage of 14W, it provides bright and efficient lighting.

  • Material: Made with a combination of metal and silicone, ensuring durability and a modern look.

  • Voltage: Operates on a voltage of 5 volts, suitable for most standard electrical systems.

  • Adjustable Neck: The lamp features an adjustable neck, allowing you to customize the lighting angle and direction.

  • Aluminum and Iron Clips: The lamp is available with both aluminum and iron clips, providing versatility for different desk thicknesses.

  • Round Base: The round base model offers stability and supports the lamp securely on any flat surface.

  • Remote Control: The lamp can be conveniently controlled remotely, allowing for easy operation.

  • Energy-Efficient: Designed to be light and energy-efficient, providing optimal performance while reducing energy consumption.

  • Length of Switch Wire: Comes with a switch wire of 2m (conventional) or 2.5m (unconventional), offering flexibility in placement.