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Bluetooth Control LED Driver Remote

Original price $69.98
Original price $69.98 - Original price $73.98
Original price $69.98
Current price $34.99
$34.99 - $39.99
Current price $34.99

The Bluetooth Control LED Driver Remote is a brilliantly designed and user-friendly remote that brings convenience to your LED lighting setup.

With a remarkable operating distance of up to 30m, this remote allows you to effortlessly control your LED lights from a distance.

It offers various applications, including compatibility with double-color LED lamps, adjustable light intensity, and customizable colors.

Simply operate your LED lights with ease using this handy remote.


  • Power Options: Choose from power options of (10-24W)X2, (20-40W)X2, or (40-60W)X2, providing compatibility with different LED configurations.

  • Input Voltage: Works with an input voltage of AC180-260V, suitable for a wide range of electrical systems.

  • Multi-Application: Ideal for use with double-color LED lamps, offering control over white and warm colors, as well as dimming capabilities and adjustable colors.

  • Remote Control Distance: Enjoy the convenience of controlling your LED lights from up to 30m away, providing flexibility and ease of use.

  • Easy-to-Use: The Bluetooth Control LED Driver Remote is designed for simplicity, making it user-friendly for effortless operation.

  • Versatile Power Options: Offers various power options such as 10-24W * 2, 20-40W * 2, 40-60W * 2, 20-40W * 4, 40-60W * 4, and 40-60W * 6, ensuring compatibility with different LED setups.