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Our Top Lighting Picks For 2022

With December 2021 upon us, it's time to get into that new year mindset and start thinking about some resolutions you'd like to accomplish in 2022. Maybe you'd like to take some weight off, or save more money, but for some, home décor is a huge deal right around this time. Stores all over the world are bringing huge deals for people to save and bring a new style into their life with the new year. Having that in mind, I felt it was VITAL for me to make a list breaking down the Original Tree Lights best lighting picks for 2022. With a set of our superb lights in your home, you can give yourself a victory over your resolutions and light your life in a brand new way! You won't regret boosting your home's ambiance with a little flair and color. So, all you need to do now is sit back, relax, and watch as your home's decorative items find the perfect complimentary piece! Here we go. 


5. Pineapple Summery Hanging Lights

To start the crack the top of this list, I wanted to bring you a wonderful unique lighting style that instantly improves the positivity within your home. The fantastic Pineapple Summery Hanging Lights are the most amazing lighting alternative to introduce into your home if you're looking for a trendy style to light up your world. These amazing lights will fit in any setting perfectly and instantly improve the ambiance of your surroundings. You won't regret adding a modern touch to your household! 

4. Sweet Cherry Tree Lights

Next up we wanted to bring you a unique lighting style that adds a subtle Japanese inspiration into your ambiance. The amazing Sweet Cherry Tree Lights are the PERFECT way to bring a loving warmth into your home without breaking the bank. Having these superb lights in your house will bring nothing but the purest of calming vibes that instantly boost the tranquility of your setting. Saying these are fantastic for 2022 is an understatement, so grab them while you still can! 

3. Rose Pastely String Lights

Roses are a splendid symbol of elegance and happiness, so adding a lighting item involving rose petals is the perfect way to bring a unique vibe of peace & harmony into your household. The amazing Rose Pastely String Lights are incredibly realistic and create a beautiful glow with the wondrous string lights within the petals. These lights have an extremely easy functionality and are sure to set your home up perfectly without any hassle. Even if you're looking here for gifts, this lighting option is a brand new spin on the classic gift of flowers. These lights are perfect for any occasion or person and are sure to stand out tremendously in whichever setting you choose! 

2. Orchid Everly Tree Lights

Are you a big fan of the natural beauty of an orchid? If you are, this is the PERFECT lighting choice for you! The all new Orchid Everly Tree Lights are a splendid introduction of blissful peace. The unique styled petals are curated to perfection with nothing but realism in mind. This delicate tree instantly opens an environment to a subtle addition of harmonious vibes and is sure to stand out wonderfully in any setting you choose. Bring your Spring & Summer vibes back to life even in the middle of Winter. Safe to say these lights are a top choice entering the new year. You won't regret adding a touch of flair to your lifestyle! 

1. Magic Willowy Branch Lights

We've finally made it to the number one spot on this list! We know that this pick is sure to come into any household and instantly enliven the environment. The Magic Willowy Branch Lights come equipped with nothing but an elegant look and natural beauty. These lights fit perfectly in any vase, jar, or container you can think of and are sure to bring a trendy style into your life. Not only are you adding a trendy taste, you're increasing the romantic levels in your ambiance and creating an intimate area for you to thrive in. Just by looking at this picture you can see how beautiful these lights truly are. Having these in your house will be the ultimate victory for 2022! 


All in all, this list was filled with nothing but the finest of lighting alternatives that will instantly make a positive difference in any household around the world. With all of these picks coming in at a reasonable price point compared to other retail costs, you can now give your home that perfect décor boost without burning a hole in your pocket. If you're looking to start 2022 off with a bang, you've come to the right place. These lights will come into your life and bring you nothing but the purest of joy to bask in every single day. 2022 needs a set of these lights in your life, so what's stopping you? 

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