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About Us

Did you know that the US National Average Price for Lighting Fixtures is approximately $523? Usual lighting costs range from $151 and $895, which seems a bit farfetched. Paying that much for a lighting fixture seems ridiculous. That type of money can cover your monthly food costs, car repair bills, and so much more. However, it ends up being spent solely on one lighting option throughout your house.  

Finding the perfect lighting to bring warm, inviting feelings into your home is highly prominent, especially when you are just moving into a new environment. After spending hours aimlessly shopping for lighting options and not seeing your ideal pick may put some pessimistic thoughts into your head. Furthermore, wasting your days looking at expensive fixtures that are way out of your budget may make you want to give up right then and there. Lighting fixtures don't need to cost you an arm and a leg but in today's world, breaking the bank is common with this aspect of being a homeowner. With this exact issue in mind, Original Tree Lights began business! Having a strategic goal of pushing effective, efficient, and affordable lighting options, we at Original Tree Lights love when we can save our customers a great deal of cash. 

Our team of experts has worked countless hours and days to ensure that our lighting options are at the top of their game, and can do so at an affordable price for everyone. We have put our minds together to create a stellar variety of lighting opportunities to fit the vibe and ambiance of every home across the globe! The main focus for our entire team is the purest customer satisfaction with every lighting purchase made. We strive to make excellent products that can be enjoyed, loved, and affordable for all. Additionally, the staff at Original Tree Lights are constantly devoted to finding new & modern trends to help improve our lighting products and our overall brand. Join our community today. Your home and wallet will thank you! 

We've got tons of these lights all over our office and adore them! The unique colorways and design options make for an elegant addition to our décor.

Are you ready to light your home up like never before?