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The Top Five Community Lighting Picks!

With the end of the year slowly but surely creeping upon us, it's time to start thinking about getting all your holiday shopping done. Although we just passed the world-renowned Singles Day, November still holds Black Friday & Cyber Monday, two of the BIGGEST online shopping days in the world. Having these days in our annual routine gives plenty of opportunities to buy your much-needed holiday gifts while receiving a pretty neat discount to enjoy! That being said, we here at Original Tree Lights are giving you early access to the best Christmas Cheat Sheet on the market. We've been listening to everyone in our community, and our team has decided to compile a list of the five best lighting picks we have to offer and why they'll be the PERFECT gift to push your Christmas Shopping to a whole new level! If you clicked on this, you're one step closer to harmony, so scroll down and witness the glow of love appear right before your eyes. 


5. Palm Feathery Original Tree Light

Price: $39.99

Color Options: White & Pink

Shop Now: Palm Feathery Original Tree Light

Welcome to a wondrous start to our all-time community favorites list. We begin with our vibrant Palm Feathery Original Tree Light. Our team has spent countless hours finding the best possible way to bring the highest-quality materials and best lighting alternatives to you, and here it is. This marvelous lamp is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who gets the privilege of opening this extravagant package. The gorgeous color schemes are offered to portray a unique lighting color that creates a comforting glow of tranquility wherever it's placed. We know our community loves it, and so will YOU! 


4. Spooky Original Tree Light

Price: $39.99

Color Options: N/A

Shop Now: Spooky Original Tree Light

I know Halloween was a few weeks back, but this Spooky Original Tree Light still wins the hearts of our entire community. The gorgeous unique style this lamp brings is sure to sweep your room and fill it with harmonious energy that radiates into you! With the help of some of the best materials on the market, we're able to curate a top-notch lighting fixture with gorgeous style for the low price of $39.99. Don't worry, our lamp is fantastic 24/7, 365 days a year. The superb color this thing emits is sure to bring you a happy smile and a great deal of laughter within seconds of viewing its wonders.


3. Bouquet Rosie Original Bedside Lights

Price: $39.99

Color Options: Red, Colorful, Pink

Shop Now: Bouquet Rose Original Bedside Lights

Wow! This next listing is a beautiful masterpiece. Coming in at our number three spot, we've got one of our first official designs to ever hit the market , the Bouquet Rosie Tree Lights. Just by basking in the glow and beauty of the photo above, you can see why this one has held the hearts of so many of our community members. It's equipped with a wondrous glow that perfectly imitates the color schemes you can grab while also giving a unique base and curvy stand that instantly brings a new twist to your home décor. This guy helped build our brand to where we are now, so no doubt in my mind having one of these on your shopping list will bring the biggest smile you've seen in a while! 


2. Autumnly Original Tree Lights

Price: $39.99

Color Options: N/A

Shop Now: Autumnly Original Tree Lights

Staking its claim over the Rosie Bouquet is one of our hottest sellers and in a similar fashion, original designs. Our Autumnly Original Tree Light is filled with glowing wonders of beauty that instantly boost your environment to a calm and tranquil setting for all to enjoy. Having one of these guys in your home is sure to radiate happiness & positivity throughout while also increasing the loving vibes within your household. It's easy for us to say that this guy is one of our top picks, but to know our community has been rockin' with this style for years makes the perfect claim that this tree light deserves its number two spot!  


1. Rosie Original Tree Lights

Price: $39.99

Color Options: Red, Blue, Purple

Shop Now: Rosie Original Tree Lights

And finally, the number one spot has been reached. The exceptional listing claiming the throne is our very original design and has consistently seen the number one spot in our best sellers category for years. The Rosie Original Tree Lights bring a unique spin to your home by adding a twist of color and beauty the second the bulbs flick on. This fantastic lighting option comes in a variety of colors to choose from, giving you the ultimate control over how you wish your home to be lit. There's so much to say about this adorable tree lamp, but I think the picture alone speaks for itself as to why it's been so sustainably amazing the past few years. We know this is an option our community has been a top pick in our community, and it's almost guaranteed you have a splendid experience!


All in all, I think it's clear to see that having any of these superb lighting options in your home is sure to increase the level of tranquility and happiness. The natural glow of these lamps is sure to bring an awe-inspiring hue to any room you decide to place it in, and even better, it works in any setting you can think of! Don't miss out on grabbing one of these exceptional lamps and giving someone's holiday the purest of joy!


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